I am a homebody. I go to work, see family or a friend and come back home.

I decided to go back to school as a healthy way to get out of the house and expand by world. The local university offers free classes (auditing) to those age 60 and over. When I turned 60, I signed up.   I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Many things, i.e. technology, dress codes, the ability of students to write and read cursive….these have all changed since I last attended a class in 1978.

I was amazed at seeing young people walking side by side, not talking, but looking at their phones. Why don’t they talk to each other?  I wondered how they can text and walk at the same time? I have to watch where I am going! Whenever I  caught their eye,  I smiled and said ‘good afternoon.’  They always seemed surprised and responded.  I was  very pleasantly surprised by the kindness and politeness of the students toward me.

In class, I enjoyed the lecture, I understood the material (Survey of Economics) and I did the reading (but not the homework – class is SO enjoyable without the pressure of assignment deadlines!)  The reading was pretty minimal – a short chapter each week.

The book was digital only. Digital books are NOT my preference. I like to read in the tub and I have this awful fear of having the tablet in the tub. Not that I am going to drop it and ruin it, no,   I take that risk with my paper books all the time. No, my fear is that I might accidentally take a selfie with the tablet and accidentally post it. Horrifying!

The one thing that has not changed about college textbooks: college textbooks are still incredibly over-priced.

I plan to take another class this semester. It is good for my brain and good for me to be out among other people – instead of a semi-hermit at home. I hope to sign up for a one-night-a-week class recommended by a friend. It has a whole new level of required student participation…not just a lecture.   Yeah, I am living on the edge.

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