I have a friend who always ends her emails with “Choose Joy.”  This is my resolution for the coming year.

When I think of ‘joy’ – I think of full satisfaction and security, peace and hope.  I want to choose joy every day. No whining. No complaining.

Just like my thankfulness project back in 2016, when I chose to be thankful  and express thanks every day –   I want to make a daily, conscious choice to choose joy in 2019.

I recently saw another friend, one who is not joyful. The circumstances are difficult, the weight being carried is very, very heavy.  Without a doubt, choosing joy would require tremendous effort.

But I can also see the enormous effort that it takes to continue to carry  great weariness, unhappiness, and dreary tiredness.  And I can’t help but wonder, “Would it be that much harder to choose joy? To embrace hope and relief?”  I plan to find out.



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