Recently my dear friend moved south. While we didn’t see each other in person often, knowing that she was nearby, and knowing I could depend on her to pray for me, was very important to me. She could depend on me to pray for her, too. We would get together for lunch at our favorite spot and catch up on all the news: our children, extended families, pets and shared acquaintances.

Her husband recently retired, and her life down south, will be busy and full, and closer to her grandchildren. That makes me very happy for her; it is a wonderful change.

We will, of course, continue to communicate via text and facebook, continue to pray for each other, as we have done for years.  We will still catch up on all the news, but it won’t be in person. And I’ll miss our lunches. Knowing she is living far away makes me feel lonely.


5 thoughts on “On missing my friend.

  1. You were my one faithful friend, and I can’t tell you how much it has meant to keep in touch. Love you and will continue to pray. And tell your family “Hi”!


  2. I’m a little off topic, but I love your ability with straightforward sentences and a deft style to paint such vivid images. I hope there are happy memories along with the absence of your friend.


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