It’s funny how some songs remind you of a past event or a particular time. And my thought processes – sometimes I wonder if the way my brain functions is normal.

This morning, while I was driving to see my daughter, Free Bird came on the oldies station. It reminded me of a trip I took long ago. And a car.

A friend and I were driving to Florida, and a long version of Free Bird was playing on the radio when we started the trip. Funny thing was – I thought about that trip, and I thought about a car; a different car than the one we took to Florida. The car involved in the Florida trip was memorable because of the breakdowns it had over those two weeks on the trip. Since we were young, the trip was an adventure, even with the inconvenience of car trouble. THAT car was such a lemon, I will not even reveal its make and model…the mere thought of it makes me shudder.

The car that Free Bird brought to mind was one I really loved, a 1978 Thunderbird. Red. It was the car that replaced the lemon-car after that difficult trip. Considering how these things were connected in my memories, I realized that it was the memories of that particular friend and our times together that tied the good car and adventurous trip together with the song.

Next time I hear Free Bird, my mind will go to my friend first. Good memories.

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