Sunday, I will take a long drive with my son to see my daughter at a scheduled two-hour visit.

My son and I will have coffee on the way, and take my daughter out for lunch.  At the restaurant, I’ll order something I know she likes for myself, and let her share my food if she prefers it over what she decides to order.  She will, of course, consider her brother’s advice on what to order before making up her mind – she thinks he knows everything. (On those occasions when we have to take lunch in, my son will  pick out two drinks – the drink he chooses for himself is the one my daughter ALWAYS wants to drink – and he  good-naturedly complies.  He would never think of buying two the same – this drink routine has become a family joke.)

We will definitely leave room for a celebratory dessert.

My daughter and son will laugh and talk and I will enjoy watching them interact.  I am very proud of the very kind man my son has  become. I love the way my daughter happily shares with him the things of which she is so fond … and the way he listens and acknowledges her opinions.

My daughter will open her birthday gifts, and my son and I will  share in her excitement.

3+ hours of drive time each way gives me plenty of time to talk with my son.  I truly enjoy his  company. We share a similar sense of humor (so, I guess that means he has an excellent sense of humor) and we will laugh a lot.

I look forward to these long days for the time spent with both of my children.

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