My old, lazy dogs have a nice life.  The same breakfast is served promptly every morning…after a long sleep on the floor beside my bed. They never complain about the food – they just wag and eat. Regularly laundered beach towels and blankets are their bedding.  They make their own little nests, and don’t expect me to make their bed.

After breakfast, and a few minutes in their fenced outside area, they watch me get ready for work. Their heads tilt from side to side as I brush my teeth, shower and get dressed. They never comment negatively on my wardrobe choices. They seem to understand that putting on clothes and shoes signals I am headed out. They never demand to know where I am going.

When I am ready to leave, I tell them I will be back. I know that they do NOT understand what I am saying. But I do suspect that the same words, spoken as part of my departure routine every day, are somehow reassuring.

These dogs are creatures of routine.  They snooze while I am gone. Or at least I think they do – there is no evidence that  they  do anything  other than sleep while I am gone. (I am SO thankful for that!) I do keep the bedroom doors shut so they don’t sneak up onto the beds to nap.

When I return the dogs are always happy to see me – whether I have been gone for minutes or hours, they greet me with the same wiggly enthusiasm.

If I could teach them how to run the sweeper, they would be the perfect roommates.

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