I have arthritis in my hip. Until recently, the pain was better or worse depending on my activity level and the weather. Yes, the weather. I sound like an old granny, don’t I?

My doctor referred me to an orthopedic specialist in the hope a shot of cortisone would give me some relief.  Although the condition of my hip would qualify, I am NOT ready to consider a hip replacement – maybe some time after retirement.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the shot,  so  a friend kindly  drove me to that appointment.  The shot wasn’t bad…sort of like a hornet sting.  In all honesty, wearing the ugly disposable shorts was more painful than the shot…those baggy navy blue shorts gave me flashbacks to the gym suits I was forced to wear in junior high and high school. Frightening!

The relief has been building for a couple days, and should peak today or tomorrow.  Relief.  I am very grateful to be moving with just a little soreness – around the injection site and somewhere behind the spot where my hip used to hurt quite a lot.  Just soreness, not grinding pain. I am hopeful that this relief will last until insurance will pay for the next shot – in three months.



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