I spent an hour on hold last week, listening to the same 45 second loop of bad music and an monotone robot voice that said, “You are next. Please remain on the line. Calls are answered in the order they are received and all of our operators are working with other callers.” One full hour.

It was an important call, so I waited it out. Music, voice, music, voice…I wondered how many operators were working? 1? 2? 15?

I pictured them chatting with each other, rather than answering the phone…or playing rock paper scissors to see who had to answer my call (the loser, of course).

In all fairness, I am sure that the operators were working very hard at a job that must be thankless.   When I finally got through, the woman who  answered the phone was professional, helpful, and had information at hand that was very valuable to me. She took her time and patiently answered all of my questions.

Who was I calling? Adult Protective Services.  I needed to find some help for an older relative.

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