I  am considering re-doing my son’s old room. The well-worn wallpaper is blue –  with a denim look and a baseball border.  I have to decide if I will remove the blue paper, or just replace the border.  I like the paper – but it has seen better days.  I’ve been planning this re-do for a very long time.

The items my son left in his room still need to be removed.  After that, carpet removal to expose the hardwood floor, and door removal.  Door removal? That room is destined to be my sewing room, the way it was before my son was born – not a guest room. I have a beaded curtain for the doorway.

I have a treadle sewing machine and an electric one. I have stored a little table in the garage that I think will hold the electric machine quite nicely.  The room is 8×10 and will be full enough with just the two sewing machines and my chair. At least for now.

I plan to use that room’s closet as a linen closet, storing towels, sheets and sewing supplies. And I plan to replace the closet door – bi-fold or a curtain, I haven’t yet decided.

I need to decide what I want on the windows. I imagine lace curtains like the rest of the house…since it was my son’s room, I hadn’t put up lace curtains – I  just installed blinds.

Planning the re-do is helping me leave behind that tired funk I was complaining about yesterday.

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