On weekends, when my daughter can call me, I keep my cell phone with me all the time.  Weekends are the only time I am a slave to my cell phone…I constantly advise people,”Call the house.”  It’s the best way to reach me; I have an answering machine and I don’t feel the need to be constantly telephone accessible. In fact, there is a good possibility that if you call or text my cell phone, I simply will not answer…

But my daughter… I wait for her calls.

Her calls give me clues about the successes and failures of her week.

Her calls help us share ideas and jokes, encouraging and happy thoughts.

Her calls help me gauge her mental well-being and stress levels based on the subjects she wants to discuss and the tone of her voice.

Her calls give me the chance to say ‘I love you.’

While I write letters to her, she does not write to me – calling – that is how she prefers to communicate.  It is important to me that we stay close, as close as possible, while she is away…that is the only reason I spend my weekends waiting for my cell phone to ring.



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