My family celebrates birthdays in batches.  My lovely nieces and I all have summer birthdays, so around July 4, we celebrate together. If my daughter was home, she would be included in this group birthday party, too.

Our birthday celebrations involve  a lot of picnic foods for lunch, an enormous cake and a variety of ice cream choices.  It is a relaxed day – lots of talking, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. Kids get presents for their birthdays, adults get cards…it isn’t about the gifts when you get older, it’s about being with family.

I consider myself very fortunate to have a close family – we live within blocks of each other and we get along. We are a small group,  loyal and kind to each other,  and a little bit crazy. (Just the right amount of crazy to make us fun!)

We celebrate at my parents, or at my sister’s because they have bathrooms on the first floor…funny how important that becomes when you get older.

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