I often have the tv on for background noise.  I always have the volume turned down low.  Most of the time I am not paying much attention to the Modern Marvels, Yukon Gold, Bizarre Murders, Columbo or The Closer reruns. Or the commercials. The tv noise just distracts the dogs from barking at the kids who play outside.

Once in a while, though, a commercial will catch my attention.  Sometimes, they  make me laugh, and I am certain this is not the intent of the advertiser.

Dog food that recognizes dogs have “the soul of a wolf,” for instance.  The advertiser has obviously not met my dogs.  “Soul of a cat” and “soul of a bread thief” would more closely describe the two elderly canines at my house.

Medications or dietary supplements that advertise what they treat, followed by a fast-talking stream of side effects that make me cringe.  Treatments for all kinds of personal dysfunctions.  Treatments for acne, old-looking skin, flab, and every other flaw you may or may not have. Apparently no one is satisfied with their health, the way they they function, or  the way they look.

And I don’t care how you choose to present them, I do not believe incontinence products are remarkable or sexy.

Soon, as political commercials take over the airwaves, I’ll be leaving the tv off.  (My dogs will just have to bark at the neighbor kids.)

Political commercials, ugh!

Politicians, I dare you to tell me why I need your product, what amazing results I can expect from YOU.  Come on, sell me, convince me to vote for YOU.  I dare you to go on record; I dare you to make me want your product.  Or at least make me laugh….

Politicians, I don’t need or want your opinion of your competitors, you absolutely will NOT sell me by offering me that. Talking smack about your opposition just confirms that YOU don’t have anything to offer me.  It’s pathetic; cringe-worthy, unsatisfactory, unremarkable   …and not funny at all.


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