My aunt did not learn how to cook until she was well into her 50’s….my grandma never let anyone cook in her kitchen. NEVER. Grandma never taught us how to make her specialty dishes or baked goods.  The kitchen was her domain. Hers alone.

This was a family tradition of sorts…my grandma did not learn to cook before she got married, because her mother never let anyone in the kitchen. The local grocer’s wife told her how to cook the foods she purchased.

My grandma’s sisters were adults on their own when they learned to cook, my mom and aunts were adults when they learned…I’m grateful my mom broke that tradition.

My aunt’s early efforts were questionable at best…but she kept at it and developed a nice repertoire of kid friendly dishes.  I enjoyed many delightful dinners at her apartment, and my kids enjoyed lunches with her here at my house, or at my sister’s,  where she lived.

The explosion in the title was the result of a lemon meringue pie that went rogue.  I do not understand how the pressure built up so greatly in the pie, or why the thing exploded in the oven.  I do know that the clean up took the better part of a Saturday and that my aunt never baked another one.



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