In July, Family weekend has a different flavor – it has the feel of a Fourth of July family reunion….complete with games and cookout foods.  It provides a family celebration experience that some of the children at my daughter’s residential facility would not otherwise have.

We had a nice time, my daughter and I, working on projects together, playing and chowing down on hotdogs, baked beans and fruit salad.

After lunch, there was a shift.  My daughter, as she does from time to time, laments not having a father who is active in her life.  (For reasons that need to remain private, that is just not possible.) She wants very badly to return to the days of a two parent family with a mom who is a homemaker.  No, she wants very badly to return to her idealized memory’s version of those times.  She was quite sad; tearful.

When we spoke to the therapist in our family session, there was another shift – her mood became upbeat, her run-on conversation, with words spoken very quickly,  was hard to follow.  I think of this state as mania. It may not be the correct description, but it is the closest description that I can offer.

By the end of the day, she had calmed down again. And on the next day, she was downright mellow.

I find her emotional roller coaster exhausting – and I just observe from the outside. I cannot imagine what it feels like from her perspective.


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