This evening, I’ve been humming  Eric Clapton, Bell Bottom Blues: “I don’t want to fade away…”   And I’ve been thinking of blue jeans.

The way I choose my blue jeans has changed over the years.

When I was younger, I had to have the latest styles. They had to have a high waist. Or hug the hips.

They had to fit tightly; I remember laying on the bed in order to zip them up.   Or they had to have wide legs, dragging over my platform shoes.

Fancy stitching, colorful accents, (Denim blue, faded up to the sky…) name brands.  The styles changed before I wore any of them out…but they had patches anyway, just for style’s sake.   (“The patches make the good-bye harder still….”   Cat Stevens.)

During most of my working years, I didn’t wear jeans at all….I wore dress slacks, skirts, suits. That changed a couple years back…when my current employer agreed to let me wear jeans in the office.

Now, I go for comfort. Style? No particular style…just not too baggy, not too tight.  Pockets, I definitely need pockets. The jeans are different shades of blue or black, appropriate for the casual-dress office.

No patches, no machine-made, distressed holes, no fake shading/fading, no embroidery, no bedazzling – I am too old for  all of that. But I think with the conservative styles I choose now, I can stay, like the Neil Diamond song, Forever in Blue Jeans.

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