My watch died. Do I usually wear a watch? No. I used to, when my kids were in school and I needed to make sure I picked them up on time. Those days are gone.

I always plan to arrive everywhere early and wearing a watch makes me feel like a slave to time.

I do wear one to school. (because it is rude to be continually looking at the back of the classroom to see what time it is if the lecturer is boring!) Otherwise there is no need to wear it. My house and car have clocks. My cell phone has a clock…a watch is not a necessity.

This most recent watch was perfect. It cost a dollar on sale at JC Penney. Yup, I said a dollar.  It lasted 3 years. It was a funky analog model.

I don’t expect to find a bargain like that again, but I do hope to find one that is less expensive than than the  battery that my old dollar watch needs.




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