Every six months I appear before a magistrate who reviews my daughter’s case. My daughter is in a planned permanent living arrangement (PPLA) through the county. These semi annual reviews are intended to make sure that children don’t get overlooked while in county custody.  They were initiated because children DID get overlooked.

I find it very sad that a child could get lost in a bureaucratic shuffle. I am grateful for the court reviews that prevent that from happening to my daughter.

Is juvenile court a pleasure? No.  The hearings always start late for no apparent reason.  The hearings are scheduled at the convenience of the court…there is a little input regarding the day of the week or morning vs.. afternoon, but the court schedule is the one that ultimately stands.

The waiting room is often crowded – besides custody issues, delinquency (juvenile felony and runaway) issues are also heard here. Parents, grandparents and caregivers from all walks of life, from all economic strata come through the court.

If the situations of those who are waiting weren’t so terribly heartbreaking, it would be a wonderful spot for people watching.


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