I had lunch with my dear friend the other day.  It was after my juvenile court hearing, and just what I needed.

Sometimes, I just want to hear my friend’s voice.

I don’t need or want someone to fix my life for me. It is not broken.  I don’t need advice, suggestions, or even sympathy.

I just need, or want, someone to listen, to ask how I am doing and listen to my answer.  The questions my friend asks me as part of our conversation, make clear that he is paying attention, really listening.

Now, my friend would not usually be described as calm or quiet (that is usually how people describe me!),  yet my friend has a way of soothing me on those occasions when I get a little frazzled; my friend helps my soul be still.  My friend’s presence, or even just his voice on the phone, makes me feel incredibly peaceful.

Maybe it’s as simple as this –  my dear friend is truly good at being a friend!

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