Whether you prefer the version by Cat Stevens or Sam Cooke, ‘Another Saturday Night’ is a great song – the lyrics are more funny than sad – and when the singer compares his friend’s sister, a blind date, to Frankenstein – well, how can you NOT laugh.

I don’t really sit at home pining for a date to take me out on Saturday night.   On Saturday nights, I watch Columbo reruns and work on my blog.  I read.  I write letters to my daughter.  I run a load of laundry.  I enjoy a bubble bath.  Saturday night is for relaxing. And I am good at relaxing!

The truth is this: I would like to meet someone who enjoys  reruns,  old movies or good music as much as I do, so I can stay in and enjoy his company on Saturday nights!

Maybe this fellow will take me to lunch during the week; go to church with me on Sunday morning, or the antique mall in the middle of the week; on a  long drive to enjoy the fall scenery or Christmas lights; or meet me for coffee and conversation – at a coffee shop or here at my home, anytime. (You’ll notice these are all quiet activities.)

I have no doubt he is out there somewhere, probably at home tonight, watching Columbo.

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