Our family (parents and siblings) has a long tradition of Sunday afternoon naps…

After church and a really big lunch, with enormous dishes of ice cream for dessert, we would all retreat to our rooms to snooze. Or sit in a chair in the living room and snooze while the Browns or Indians lost a game(back then, it was usually a loss). Or lay out in the back yard hammock and snooze to the radio while soaking up some sun.

It wasn’t the location that mattered – it was the activity (or lack of activity) that mattered. Everyone in the house participated.

Now, I keep that same Sunday schedule (minus the enormous dish of ice cream) whenever I am not at my daughter’s.  It leads me into the week well-rested and ready to work.

Of course, with the children grown, gone and me living alone, there is nothing to keep me from napping during the week, too!


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