My daughter has recently been part of a group going to an animal shelter to help with cats: Cleaning the litter boxes, playing with kittens, petting the older cats, and learning about their care.

She has been fascinated by the cats’ eyes…especially the green ones. (green eyes, not green cats, lol!) 

The cats that aren’t used to being around people are interesting to her, too.  She, like me, looks for those who are alone, on the outside,  to befriend.

She wonders what the cats are thinking. She asked me if she could tell what they were thinking, by the way their eyes looked – big pupils or little pupils. She wants to be able to determine if they are scared, mad or safe to pet. She wants to know how to most safely approach them.

She tells me she speaks quietly and calmly to them and waits for them to come to her. She is learning to wait.

She loves to hear them purr.  She is learning to listen.

She loves the the way they nuzzle and lean against her; she is learning to interpret their mood or need by their behavior….real-life skills.

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