‘What if?’  This is a thought process in which I do not indulge.

I’m not talking about a simple daydream,  ‘what if I won the lottery?’ or ‘what if I decided to dye my hair?’ (I don’t play the lottery and I won’t dye my hair!)  These thoughts waste time, but they don’t hurt you.

I’m talking about regret, or remorse.  ‘What if?’ ‘If only I’d known…’  These sorts of thought trails are unproductive routes to major self-inflicted guilt.  Second-guessing decisions doesn’t change the result.

You can’t go back and change what is; you can only make the best decision possible based on the information you have now.  Future views, future information is not available today.

If your default is trying to do the right thing, making reasoned and sensible decisions, there is no reason to indulge in ‘what if?’


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