I am sitting in my recliner looking at two baskets of laundry. Why?

One basket is clean – I carried it from the dryer as far as the dining room and set it down on a chair.  Three days ago.  I just haven’t gotten around to carrying it up to the bedroom to put it away.

The other basket is full of dirty laundry, socks and nighties.   I carried it down yesterday,  and set it on the dining room floor, but I haven’t gotten around to taking it to the basement to load the washer.

I usually do my laundry on Sunday afternoons, one load right after another.   But the last couple of Sundays have been busy with commitments and the laundry has stretched out over days each week….days to make it’s way down to the basement, days to make it’s way back to my closet – like some kind of slow motion conveyor. Laundry has become my never-ending story.

Is it the heat, the humidity causing this mental anti-laundry funk? Summertime blues? Just an over-reaction to being off schedule?  I don’t know, but I need to snap out of it.


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