I start my day with weather reports on the ridiculously early news, and prayer.   The dogs get fed and go out.  I shower and put on the clothes I have set out for work.   I go through my day focused on work  (secretarial and bookkeeping, laundry and housecleaning), my family obligations  (children and parents, sometimes my sisters), and whether or not I need to use my cane  (I leave it in the car, just in case).  I may pick up a coffee at McDonalds.  Maybe, I check on a friend.

I go through the day focused on day to day activity and responsibility.  Except for brief gleeful moments when I look at the retirement count-down – I don’t spend much time thinking about the future.

Yesterday, I got news that an acquaintance and coworker was ill.  Seriously ill. The news hit me hard – not because we are close – but because it was so unexpected.

This person leads a busy life. Still working; just a few years older than me. Lovely spouse.

I don’t know why this news hit me so hard.  I interact with people in desperate circumstances every day….but this news has given me a new perspective, a fresh appreciation of  the importance of the time spent with the people in my life; a different view of what’s truly important; a needed reshuffling of my priorities.



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