There is a small reunion, high school reunion, this weekend.  I am writing this post on Thursday, while I wait for the washer and dryer to finish my guest room linens.  Today I am cleaning house in preparation.  You know, the usual  – dusting, sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom….dusting the tops of things that short people like me don’t usually see.

Why? I am having  guests tomorrow!  My oldest friend(the friendship is oldest, not the friend) is going to stay with me for a couple days.  The next oldest (same explanation) friend will join us for most of the day – and through the official event tomorrow evening and I feel like it is Christmas…actually squealing with excitement.  The event is from 7-10…it’s like being young, with an early curfew.

Two of us will have canes.  All three of of will have wrinkles – but we will be young for a couple days.  It’s some kind of crazy time travel that happens when old friends get together.

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