I have picked out my clothes for the reunion. Jeans(of course) and a couple of blouses – I will wear the clothes that feel most comfortable.  The jeans will have pockets and fit comfortably.  The blouse will be very loud – if I spill something down the front of it – no one will ever know.

There will be sneakers – maybe stylish, maybe not – but they will be comfortable.  I will wear my favorite jewelry and carry my favorite purse.

I have memories of parties in years past that included uncomfortable clothing – I wore what was expected.  I was just as uncomfortable as the clothes I was wearing.

I don’t do that anymore, so I will feel better, younger, than I ever did back in the day.   I am comfortable in what I choose to wear and comfortable with how I choose to choose to  wear it. “Choose” – that is the important word.

If I could go back in time to offer my younger self some advice, it would be this:  Choose to be comfortable.


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