I have a friend who likes to say,  “That’s life,” when things go awry through no fault of her own.  As you are probably aware, life does not always turn out the way we plan.

My default decision guide is, “Do the right thing.”  I know if I make reasoned, careful  and prayerful decisions, things are less likely to go badly.    However, making good decisions, being a responsible adult,  does not guarantee that things will turn out the way you planned, the way you hope.  That’s life.

Other people’s bad decisions (whether crime or betrayal) affect us.  Natural disasters happen.  Aging and health concerns (our own and our family’s) reorder our priorities. Things beyond our control happen.  That’s life.

Am I advocating just doing what is convenient, ignoring responsibility and morality, in favor of  ease? Am I saying it doesn’t matter what decisions you make?

No!  While making good decisions is no guarantee that things will turn out as planned, making bad decisions almost certainly guarantees things will turn out badly…and I do not want to be the person whose bad choices adversely affect others.  I don’t want to make life harder for myself or anyone else.

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