The corporate address for my daughter’s residence has changed….that means letters  that I send her have to be sent to a new address. I had finally memorized the last one!

That made me think of my own address…the same for thirty years.

I don’t know how long I will live at my current address, but I hope it is forever. I dread the idea of moving; packing things up and giving away the stuff that won’t fit in a new place.

Years ago, when we looked at this house to buy it, it immediately felt like home to me. It has the same basic floor plan as my grandma’s house, just a few blocks away.  It is the only childhood home my children have had. It has been home to all of us for all these years.

This house is close to family (both sisters and parents within blocks) and friends know where to find me.  I’m settled. Comfortable. Very grateful to own a home – not all my friends are so fortunate.  And as long as I can get up and down the steps, I plan to stay here.




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