Just like my daughter, for whom routine is a necessity, I’ve discovered I thrive on routine.

Now, I do like the  occasional house-guest, whether two-legged or four, and I do invite friends to lunch or dinner here, but they generally conform to my schedule – it’s not the other way around.

I get up early, work hard, come home and crash. Bedtime is early, because I am an early riser. After years of adjusting to the schedule of my various employers, (ex)husband and children, I have finally picked the schedule that suits ME best.

Quiet mornings, a weather report and a little reading, an easy, un-rushed start to the day, makes me calm.  I lay out my clothing the night before, to speed things along in the morning.  It’s rare that I am not the first one in the office.

At work, once everyone has arrived, we stop for prayer, and pray for each other. This adds more calm to the day.  When I am ready to leave work, I head home, running errands on the way because it is the best use of time and fuel. I hate to waste time and energy.

At home, I read the paper in the afternoon – usually during an early dinner, pay bills, take care of personal paperwork and do any other chores that need done.

Since I live alone, the house is usually tidy – and by tidy I mean that my things are put away where they belong, not that they are totally  dust-free.  A confession:  I like to take a little afternoon nap in my recliner….to give my brain a break. If I have to choose between dusting and napping, napping will win every time.

Some days, I have evening hours at work – usually 2-3 nights a month, almost always on Mondays.  I have an alarm clock by the recliner, so I don’t worry about being late. I hate to be late – is it fatal? No, of course not. But it is rude, and unprofessional. If you are expecting me, and I am late, you should be worried about me. Late is NOT part of my routine.



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