I wonder about all kinds of things…

This morning, the girl at McDonalds had long fabulous, perfect nails.    I wonder, how can you do anything with those nails? I know I have to keep mine trimmed short to type and use a ten-key pad.  I noticed that the used her knuckles to operate the touch-screen at her station…maybe that’s how she keeps them looking perfect.

When I stopped at the bank later today, I wondered about the little machine that reads the checks. How does it do that? Sometimes I can’t read my own writing, how does the machine do it? And the tube at the drive thru…the one that moves papers and money in a cylinder from the car to the teller…I know that is an old technology, I remember something similar downtown at O’Neils, but it still remarkable.

I  use an ez-pass for my turnpike travels.  When I go through the gate,  after it recognizes me and lifts the bar, I squeal with excitement(Yes, I actually squeal.)  It amazes me that a little plastic box, with who-knows-what inside, arranges to pay the tolls on my credit card.  But I also wonder, “How does it work?” and “Are they tracking me?”

I wonder about all kinds of things, but rarely will something grab my interest enough to cause me to read up on a subject and learn the answer. Most of the time, the curiosity subsides and I just go on with my day.

If I take the time to read up on something we talked about, something I wondered about, you should know it’s because I am interested in you, and your interests.  I don’t move beyond wondering  very often.


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