Day off from the office, well spent. Slept until almost seven – that would be like most folks sleeping until noon.

Ran errands with my sister and parents, and had lunch with them at IHOP.  More errands, then home.

Personal paperwork this afternoon, ready for copying tomorrow.  Grocery list and menu planning done. Played fetch with the dogs (well, with the dog that understands how to play fetch…)

Laundry will get put away yet tonight, so I will start the short workweek with only a very short to-do list here at home.

I’ve already decided NOT to stress over the jobs that don’t get wrapped up this week at work.  No amount of organization or planning gives you more than 24 hours a day – you just have to accept that what you get done is what you get done. Stressing over what remains undone doesn’t finish the job, it just makes me cranky.  Nobody wants to deal with that.


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