As of today, retirement is 326 days away.  Yes, the countdown is real. I am at the point where I think, “this is the last August that I will” … or “This is the last Labor Day holiday that will be a day off of work.”

Although I like my job, I know it is time to go.

I cannot physically do many of the things I used to do – setting up chairs and tables, for instance.  I used to run to open doors for the older ladies coming in, greet them and carry their packages. Now, by the time I get to the door, they are already inside.  I am just not fast enough anymore.

I can still multi-task my office jobs/projects, but I find myself having less patience – especially when my hip hurts. I know it is time to go.

It will be strange attending church, only attending, without working there.  I’ve worked there eleven years.   But my friends are there on Sundays and I expect I will adjust…after all, I attended for 19 years before I worked there.


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