Some people never learn how to rest. They can’t sit still, can’t take a nap, or read a book just for pleasure.  Some people have to be constantly in motion. They can’t stay home,  and can’t enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes when they are there – of course, maybe their homes are not quiet.

Due to circumstances, some have to be very busy – responsibilities have to be handled.  That I understand. It’s the choice some people make to be overly busy, to never be alone with their thoughts, that I don’t understand.

My home is quiet. There may be some good old tunes on the oldies station, or an old rerun on the tv providing some background noise (this keeps the pup from barking at outside noises), but the house is quiet.

There is no unnecessary activity, no drama. I do not need to be entertained. There is enough going on my head, in my thoughts, to keep me busy for years…fortunately, I can usually turn that racket off to rest. I realize not everyone can.

Rest is not waste time.  Rest is part of a healthy life.



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