I listen to the oldies station when I don’t have the cd player on in the car. (Of course, the cd’s are oldies, too.)  Sometimes the lyrics affect me now in a way they never did when I was younger.

I’ll hear a song I haven’t really paid attention to for years.  Suddenly, the lyrics remind me of someone I know….they remind me of  something in my life now.

“He wants to dream like a young man
With the wisdom of an old man
He wants his home and security
He wants to live like a sailor at sea”

This Bob Seger song brought me to tears today, thinking of a friend.  Funny how music does that.  Reminds me just how powerful music can be.

Of course, not every song touches the heart…sometimes they are just a good sing-a-long.  Silly lyrics, clever lyrics, just for fun.  I like those, too.  Those songs are the reason I most often listen to on the oldies station – I listen for  laughs, not tears.


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