continued from the previous post

That was a very hard summer, right after her release from the local residential facility. The police were called to our home often, several trips were made to the local hospital…I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

The last night she was home, she destroyed her room. Everything in it was broken: toys, furniture, doors, books, even the walls …and she was determined to come after me. The police took her to the hospital again that night, after my son called them for help. ‘Daughter’  got the shot, and slept it off. But this time I refused to take her home. I asked the nurse to call Children’s Services, instead. I cannot adequately express the difficulty of this decision – the decision to relinquish  custody of my child to the county.

My decision to give Children’s Services custody of my daughter, enabled them to place her in a good residential facility in the southern part of our state…but, after almost two years there, I again heard that dreaded statement – there’s nothing more we can do for her here; she needs to go.

‘Daughter’s’ county worker and her team have worked hard to find another  place for her – and that place was XXXXXXXXX. She has been here two years, and I have not heard – there’s nothing we can do for her. Instead, I often hear – We want to try thisDo you think this will work? – or – We’ve rearranged her schedule to eliminate this problem. ‘Daughter’  is doing better; better than she has in a very long time.

No matter where ‘Daughter’ has been placed, I have visited frequently, taken family to visit, participated in family therapy, written letters, and kept in touch via telephone. But the Partners in Treatment program here at XXXXXXXXX has given us extended time together, even overnight together, if her behavior is  safe. This program has helped us stay close, preserving our family relationship, even though we are living three hours apart.

‘Daughter’s’ school performance has improved, too, and I am hopeful that she will graduate next spring, right before her 19th birthday.

Hopeful. That is not a word I would have used before her stay at XXXXXXXXX.


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